Calling All New Fighters!

Have you been interested in LARPing or Dagorhir and have not yet had a chance to try it out?  This Warcamp is for you!  The Akronian Warcamp is the time we set aside where anyone who is interested in the Kingdom of Akron or Dagorhir fighting can come out, borrow some weapons, and learn to fight.

This event is designed for all new fighters to get a chance to experience the sport of Dagorhir, make new friends, and, of course, to fight! The layout of the Warcamp will be divided into different stations:


  • Station 1: Sign up. Here you will pay the entry fee, fill out a waiver, and get a summary sheet of the rules for reference.
  • Station 2: Armory. We have loaner equipment ready for you to borrow and will set you up with equipment so that you are ready to fight.
  • Station 3: Orders. We will go through an overview of the Dagorhir rules and explain how to fight legally and safely.
  • Station 4: Basic Combat Training. We will have a basic sparring and training station so that you can learn how to sword fight Dagorhir-style, in a small group.
  • Station 5: Battles. Now it’s time to test yourself in a battle. Heralds (referees) will run a variety of battles that will give you an opportunity to fight in several scenarios. From basic capture the flag, to chaotic free-for-alls, and team elimination battles, you will have a chance to experience a wide cross-section of Dagorhir fights.
  • Station 6 (Optional): Advanced Weapons and Combat. After you have fought for at least 30 minutes in Station 5 Battles, you will be eligible to go to the Advanced class. The Advanced Class will explain and allow you to hold and swing a variety of advanced weapons such as greatswords, flails, and javelins. The Advanced Class will also explain Dagorhir on a larger scale and give you a preview of major events like Ragnarok, display Dagorhir-legal armor, and show a few advanced sword and shield tactics. After Station 6, you can return to Station 5 Battles.


  • Times:   July 14, 2018.
    Fighting will take place from 12pm-3pm. Food will be served from 3pm-4pm. (For veteran Dagorhir fighters, arrive early for weapon check.)
  • Age: To fight in Dagorhir you must be 18 or older OR you may be 16 with a parent present to sign for you. Bring your license or ID!
  • Dress: Wear clothes for sports. If you have medieval / medieval fantasy garb, that is perfect! (Veterans, wear your garb!)
  • Cost: The event is just $5.00.
  • Food: Pizza is included in the event fee and will be served 3pm-4pm.

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Warcamp Location (Outdoors)

VFW Park
Lincoln & Campbell, Royal Oak, MI 48067