Before anyone can join, participate with, or fight with the Kingdom of Akron or in Dagorhir, they are required to fill out a waiver.  This is an electronic waiver that will take you step-by-step through the process.

The Kingdom of Akron is switching to all electronic waivers (with the exception of notarized waivers for minors). The print waivers will no longer be accepted.  This is the easiest way to fill out an e-waiver. This e-waiver works best with modern browsers with the exception of Firefox. (Firefox does not accept all HTML5.)

You cannot fill out the electronic waiver if you are a minor or are going to sign for a minor.  In that case, please have the parent or guardian of the minor fill out the print version of the waiver, have it notarized, and bring the notarized copy to a Kingdom of Akron practice or event.  The print waiver is available here.

Responsibilities of the Undersigned:

It is the responsibility of each participant to fill out updated waivers whenever the information on the previous waiver changes.  Your waiver is valid for the duration of your participation in the Kingdom of Akron and Dagorhir.  Regardless, the Kingdom of Akron asks that each participant fill out a new waiver on an annual basis.  

Please double check your email address.

On Firefox browser, type birthdate in folowing format: YYYY-MM-DD.